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👋 Welcome to Life Designed. My name is Tomas Laurinavicius and I'll be your guide here. I'm an entrepreneur, marketer, designer, and blogger from Lithuania.

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“I admire his work ethic and his kindness to help others grow.” - Kavi Guppta
“Tomas is a talented communicator with strong writing skills.” – Laura Spencer
“Tomas was a pleasure to work with. I'd love to work with him again.” – Ryan Hoover
“Unconventional wisdom, cool tools, and stories. Tomas spends his days actually living the designed life.” – Marc Eglon
“Tomas is a very passionate individual.” – Francesco D'Alessio

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I interview successful freelancers, entrepreneurs, and founders like Arianna Huffington, Paul Jarvis, Dan Ariely, Jason Zook, Brian Dean, and many more.
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Lifestyle Design Blog
Lifestyle Design Blog
I'm fascinated by the art and science of working smarter, living better, and thinking clearly. I write about technology, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle design.
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Who's Behind This?

Hi, I'm Tomas Laurinavicius.

I'm a curious entrepreneur, designer, content marketer, and lifestyle blogger from Lithuania. I'm passionate about sharing how to make a living online and connecting with like-minded people.

📖 Published over 1,000 articles and blog posts, co-authored an ebook making $20K in sales.
💰 Co-founded a design magazine with over 1M annual readers and sold it for 5 figures.
🌍 Traveled to 50+ countries. My favorites are Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, and Australia.
🐒 I buy way too many books than I have time to read. My favorite is Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.
🚀 Running a six-figure content marketing consulting business and growing Content Writing Jobs.
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