Growthlog by Tomas Laurinavicius

What I'm Doing Now

Here's what I'm up to right now.

Inspired by Derek Sivers. Last updated manually on September 25, 2023.


  • 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Yuval Noah Harari is one of my favorite writers and while this book is not as good as Sapiens or Homo Deus, it's definitely thought-provoking.
  • Work Energy. I've been watching Jim Harmer's videos on YouTube and learned a lot from his blogging and business philosophy and decided to read his book.
  • Brave New World. I'm not the biggest fiction reader but it's one of these books I keep hearing about everywhere so I'll give it a shot.


  • Founders. I wish I had more time to read more books and specifically biographies, but luckily David Senra, does it for me and records this free podcast.
  • Beach Life. My daily go-to playlist for work. Deep house mostly.


  • Framer. I think it's the hottest web design tool out there. I'm using it for Best Writing marketing pages.
  • OpenAI. Learning about prompt engineering and how to use Al and ChatGPT effectively.
  • The Network Effects Masterclass. Fascinating course on network effects. A must-watch for any founder.
  • Next.js. The hottest React framework for creating full-stack web apps. My blog is built with Next.js.
  • Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. My motivation to learn Python is based on its popularity, versatility and endless uses cases with AI.