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AI Bookmarks (Reading List and Tools)

Here's my fast-changing list of AI bookmarks, including reading list, case studies, tools, courses, and trusted people.

Large Language Models (LLMs)

Case Studies






PhindPersonal search-enabled assistant for programmers.No
LangChainA framework for developing applications powered by language models. It enables applications that are data-aware and agentic.Yes
LlamaIndexLlamaIndex (GPT Index) is a data framework for your LLM application.Yes
ChromaThe AI-native open-source embedding database.Yes
VectaraVectara is a developer-first API platform for easily building conversational search experiences that feature best-in-class Retrieval, Summarization, and “Grounded Generation” that all but eliminates hallucinations.No
ChainlitAn open-source asynchronous Python framework for building scalable conversational AI or agentic applications quickly and efficiently.Yes
EmbedchainAn open-source retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) framework that simplifies the creation and deployment of AI applications using RAG models.Yes
CrewAIAn open-source Python framework designed to orchestrate the collaboration of autonomous AI agents, enabling them to work together seamlessly to accomplish complex tasks.Yes
Devv.aiA next-generation search engine for developers offering various modes like Fast Mode for quick answers, Agent Mode powered by GPT-4 for complex questions, and GitHub Mode for interacting with repositories. Provides lightning-fast responses, documentation, and code snippets to assist developers in their queries.No


To be continued...