Reviewing BenQ SW271 27-Inch Photographer Monitor with 4K Adobe RGB

This monitor improves the quality of photographers' work.
Reviewing BenQ SW271 27-Inch Photographer Monitor with 4K Adobe RGB

If you are a photographer, you probably know how crucial it is to have an additional monitor for editing to connect to your laptop.

Not long ago, I reviewed BenQ’s PD2710QC monitor for designers. Today, I’m more than pleased to review another product of theirs BenQ Photographer Monitor SW271. This monitor was created for photographers. As always they have done a great job designing and building it.

The monitor has a superb build quality and user-friendliness. I was delighted to use this monitor with 13-inch MacBook Pro while editing images.

BenQ SW271 Highlights

It’s one of the latest BenQ’s 27-inch monitors with 4K UHD Resolution and HDR support.

The monitor comes full of connectivity options that include 2 HDMI ports, DisplayPort, SD card reader, 1 USB Type-C and much more. Unfortunately, SW271 doesn’t have USB-C Docking Station as PD2710QC had so there is no charging option available.

BenQ’s SW271 screen is staggering with 100% sRGB and 99% Adobe RGB color space coverage as well as with 4K IPS technology. The monitor comes with Hotkey Puck that allows you to switch among numerous color modes with ease. It’s one of the best monitors for photographers in the market.

BenQ SW271 Design

If you like clean and minimal looking workspace, this monitor might be just right for you. It has a matte black finish, thin bezels and the menu buttons on the front doesn’t ruin the clean look of the monitor.

It’s really important for me to see all the small details as well as the whole picture while doing my visual work. BenQ SW271 nails at bringing the best image quality that I could ask for due to the 10-bit display, 163 PPI and 4K UHD resolution that is four times that of a Full 1080p HD.

If you like clean and minimal looking workspace, BenQ SW271 monitor might be just right for you.

Moving on to the stand, at the bottom of it you can find a routing hole for neat cable management, and on the top, there is a handle for comfortable carrying. Keep in mind, it’s not that light to carry around as it weighs around 23.15 lbs (10.5 kg).

You also get a shading hood that comes in handy if your room’s illumination changes frequently. It will reduce the screen glare and will ensure the color accuracy at all times. At the top, it has a little hole to pass through your monitor calibration tool. The shading hood has a nice matte dark grey finish on the outside and in the inside, it has a black, slightly reflective surface, which sometimes distracted me.

Ease of Use of BenQ SW271

It all comes disassembled like most monitors these days and is neatly packed into the box with an individual calibration report. You will not need to spend any more than 10 minutes to get it running and connect to your laptop. If anything happens, it comes with all the sufficient documentation for you to help.

If you are concerned with posture and sit long hours in front of a computer like me, you probably are interested in the ergonomics of the monitor. I can say that the ergonomics are outstanding. It’s easy to adjust the height and tilt for your eyes as well as you can turn it about 45° degrees to both sides. So your back and neck will be safe.

The monitor can also be used in portrait and landscape mode with or without the shading hood. It features anti-glare screen and wide viewing angle which is about 180° degrees.

BenQ SW271 Features

BenQ’s SW271 astonishing display will guarantee accurate color reproduction, clear details, and textures for visually intensive work.

USB-C Connectivity. The monitor has a latest USB-C port which enables easy transfer of all your data using only one cable with a speed of 5Gbps and can effortlessly display 4K content.

4K UHD 10-bit Color Display with HDR. BenQ’s SW271 astonishing display will guarantee accurate color reproduction, clear details, and textures for visually intensive work.

Hardware Calibration. This feature enables you to keep your image consistent with its original copy without affection from graphics settings.

Gamut Duo. This mode enables you to look at your content simultaneously in different color spaces for a side-by-side comparison.

BenQ SW271 Display

As I mentioned before, the display is astonishing with thin bezels and anti-glare finish. I like the clean and solid looks of it.

I noticed that the pixels are bigger than on my 13-inch MacBook Pro display. My MacBook has 227 pixels per inch and the BenQ SW271 has 163 pixels per inch. So it isn’t as much as high-end laptop displays have. However, after several minutes of usage, my eyes adjusted and there were no problems at all.

The display is equipped with Industry-Leading Eye-Care Technology to help you avoid sore eyes.

HDR support will help you to make your photos as realistic as possible. Also, it will make HDR compatible games and movies look amazing with accurate details.

The display is equipped with Industry-Leading Eye-Care Technology that will stop eyes from soaring. Also, it has a bunch of different color modes for you to use for different work purposes.

HDR mode. Allows better color matching representation with High Dynamic Range technology.

Darkroom mode. It’s made for image editing and viewing in a post-processing environment with a dim light. The Darkroom mode improves the sharpness of details and clarity of shades.

DICOM mode. If by any chance you are a medical professional, you might recognize this mode. It’s recommended for viewing DICOM (medical) images.

Anti-Glare display. Reduces the glare distractions on the screen to a bare minimum with a matte finish coating.

Flicker-free Technology. Stable feedback technology stops flickering and keeps your eyes safe.


Pros of BenQ SW271

  • Solid build quality.
  • HDR support.
  • 4K UHD display with IPS technology.
  • 10-bit Color display.
  • Clean and minimal design with thin bezels.
  • Technicolor certification.
  • Customizable Hotkey Puck.
  • Portrait and Landscape mode shading hood.

Cons of BenQ SW271

  • No charging possibilities with USB-C.
  • Built-in speakers’ quality is below average.
  • Expensive.
  • No additional settings in the HDR mode.

Buy BenQ SW271

BenQ SW271 27-inch photographer monitor starts at $1,099. You can buy one on Amazon. It’s pretty expensive but you get everything that you pay for and plus a little more.

This monitor can certainly lift photographer’s work quality to a whole other level.


The BenQ SW271 is a solid pick if you are looking for an accurate color representation, 4K, and HDR support. I know the price isn’t friendly but it has such characteristics that will certainly improve your workflow and save your eyes and neck from pain.

Disclosure: BenQ provided me a sample display for this review and no other compensation was received.

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