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Follow the Breadcrumbs: How to Find More of What You Like

Follow the breadcrumbs to find more of what you like

Breadcrumbs are scattered all around. These subtle hints of history, preferences, choices, and ideas can reveal a lot about the things you enjoy.

I recently realized that following breadcrumbs is an effective method for discovering more of what you love.

Currently, I am absorbed in listening to Founders, a podcast created by David Senra that features biographies of prominent entrepreneurs.

In 5th episode, the spotlight was on Steve Jobs, who expressed his fascination with Da Vinci.

It caught my interest, and I turned to the Da Vinci episode, which mentioned Machiavelli, a name I recognized from book recommendations.

Since Machiavelli's writing had influenced many of the individuals I found fascinating, there's a high probability that I would enjoy it too.

Now, let's backtrack to how I discovered the Founders podcast.

When I began my nomadic lifestyle in 2013, I met several entrepreneurs and curious people who mentioned that they enjoyed reading biographies.

I took a mental note but never followed through.

With time I began to hear the same recommendation repeatedly while reading books and listening to podcasts.

Some years ago, I discovered My First Million podcast and heard about How to Take Over the World, another fascinating podcast exploring the biographies of the most powerful people in history.

Later on, Andrew Wilkinson, whom I admire, mentioned that he listened to the Founders podcast.

Curious, I followed the breadcrumb trail he had left and was pleasantly surprised to find that the podcast resonated with me. It feels like it's made just for me.

Thank you, David!

The takeaway here is to pay attention to the small details, the breadcrumbs, as they can lead you to discover things you never knew you would enjoy.