Growthlog by Tomas Laurinavicius
· Updated: · Alicante, Spain · 4 Min read

My Favorite Stuff for Work and Play

Some of my favorite apps and tools I use in life and work, listed in no particular order:

  • Cursor: The best AI-first code editor for building things quickly.
  • StrongLifts: The best lifting app I've ever used, simple and effective, based on the 5x5 strength program.
  • Brave: A fast and privacy-focused Chrome alternative.
  • Ahrefs: My go-to tool for keyword research, market analysis, and competitor research.
  • 1Password: A powerful and intuitive password manager for securely storing and sharing sensitive data.
  • Signal: A privacy-focused messenger app highly recommended by Snowden.
  • Framer: A fast and visually stunning website builder.
  • Notion: The all-in-one app for wikis, documentation, and project management.
  • Gmail: After trying various options, I found Gmail to be the best with its strong spam filters and fast interface.
  • CleanShot X: Capture your Mac's screen like a pro.
  • Google Drive: An affordable and user-friendly file storage solution.
  • Figma: A super-fast and powerful interface design tool with a large community and extensive template library. I rarely start from scratch.
  • Raycast: Replaces Mac's spotlight search with powerful tools and apps. I switched from TextExpander and Alfred.
  • Slack: An intuitive and enjoyable chat app.
  • Spotify: My daily companion for listening to music and podcasts while working, exercising, or running errands.
  • ChatGPT: It quickly replaced Google for me for generating ideas and troubleshooting code.
  • Phind: AI search engine for developers with real-time browsing and code generation capabilities.

To be continued...