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· Chiang Mai, Thailand · 4 Min read

Write Down Your F*ck It List to Avoid Regrets in Life

Squirrels don't give a damn, why should you?

Let me remind you something very simple yet impactful you already know.

You’re going to die.

Sooner or later your time will come and all of the things that look important now will vanish and only moments of love and joy will remain until your last breath. You want to avoid having regrets in life.

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. – Steve Jobs

After a near death experience, Scott Jones realized life doesn’t need a long list of wishful events but rather more simplicity. Never do things you don’t want to do, ever. After watching his TED talk recommended by my friend and a life coach Lydia Lee I decided to work on my “stop doing” or in other words “fck it”* list.

The f*ck it list is practical as it affects my present moment as I simply let go of things and enjoy my life without doing anything I don’t enjoy.

I highly recommend you watching the talk and writing down your own f*ck it list. It doesn’t necessarily have to be public but I am sure people will appreciate it if you share it.

Below is mine.

  1. Choosing relevant photos to illustrate my writings.
  2. Overanalyzing. It never helps me make a better decision and simply holds me from making ideas happen.
  3. Saying YES to people and ideas I don’t like or don’t fully believe in.
  4. Being on every social media network.
  5. Ruining my morning routine on weekends.
  6. Apologising for being me.
  7. Swearing like a sailor.
  8. Blindly following my diet. I get a cake on Monday or Wednesday if I want to.
  9. Committing to something I know I will give up.
  10. Getting into the toxic relationships.
  11. Tolerating sexist & racist jokes.
  12. Getting too drunk. Having two beers on Friday is absolutely enough.
  13. Staying up late.
  14. Writing too much on my to-do list.
  15. Replying to people I don’t like.
  16. Being broke. Doesn’t feel good and having debt is the worst thing in life.
  17. Researching for too long. Just write, create, design, build.
  18. Trying to be perfect.
  19. Going out on Friday nights. Sometimes I want to have ice cream and watch a movie.
  20. Spending time with the negative people.
  21. Lying to myself. Yes, I could be this and that but I am who I am.
  22. Beating myself up for past mistakes.
  23. Comparing myself to others.
  24. Trying to buy happiness.
  25. Thinking I am not ready.
  26. Judging people.
  27. Playing a victim.
  28. Mindlessly consuming and not questioning why.
  29. Taking the easiest path.
  30. Expecting that in the future everything will be much better.
  31. Over-scheduling myself and trying to meet everyone in the room.
  32. Putting things I am excited about for later.
  33. Watching, reading, listening to something I don’t enjoy.
  34. Trying to manage and change people.
  35. Doing everything on my own.
  36. Not asking for help or advice.
  37. Trying to please people.
  38. Trying to control life.
  39. Working when I don't feel like working.
  40. Tolerating constant whining.
  41. Getting in touch with my parents when I need something.
  42. Updating social media when I am drunk.
  43. Taking too many photos on my smartphone.
  44. Spending most of my money on eating out.
  45. Giving up when things get hard.
  46. Starting new projects when there are many unfinished ones.
  47. Texting while driving. My life is more important.
  48. Stressing out about getting sick.
  49. Asking what would I be if?
  50. Having regrets in life
  51. Waiting for the magical change to happen.
  52. Buying cheap products that break or don’t satisfy me.
  53. Criticising myself and others. Never ever, nor privately nor publicly.
  54. Ignoring my dreams.
  55. Saying “I love you” when I don’t mean it.
  56. Working overtime.
  57. Folding my underwear.
  58. Doing repetitive tasks over and over again.
  59. Guessing, assuming and not asking.
  60. Using smartphone before bedtime.
  61. Leaving important stuff for the last minute.
  62. Overnight flights.
  63. Giving up to the peer pressure. I don’t do things I don’t like.
  64. Wasting time on social media.
  65. Breaking my word.
  66. Tinder.
  67. Finish eating food I don’t like just because I bought it.
  68. Coriander.

Over to You

There you have it. An ever evolving list of things, ideas, actions and behaviours I want to let go to enjoy my life now and avoid having regrets in life.

What are you willing to give up to enjoy the present moment and avoid regrets in life?