35+ Best Goal & Habit Tracking Apps (Free & Paid) for 2022

For a new habit to form, you need to be reminded constantly as you build that habit. These habit tracking apps can help.
35+ Best Goal & Habit Tracking Apps (Free & Paid) for 2022

I never realized how my behavior was based on habits that run automatically the majority of my waking hours. Once I started using a habit tracker, I improved my health, sleep, relationships and creative output.

Today I want to share the best goal and habit tracking apps to help you nail your goals this year.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. It's the long-held belief of many people.

A study from the University of London revealed that it will take between 18 to 264 days for people to form a habit, depending on the behavior of the person and the circumstances that surround him.

If you want to learn more about habits and behavior science, two of my favorite books are The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (🎧 free audiobook) and the number one bestseller Atomic Habits by James Clear (🎧 free audiobook).

What Is Habit Tracking and Why You Should Care?

Habit tracking is a conscious observation and measurement of daily behavior with a goal to attain a new habit or get rid of an undesired one. To track your habits you can use paper or a habit tracker app.

Why is it important to have a habit tracker?

A renowned management consultant, Peter Drucker wrote, “What gets measured gets managed.”

Tracking your habits gives you feedback on your behavior change quest and allows you to keep motivated while adopting desired habits.

Forming Habits

For a new habit to form, you need to be reminded constantly as you build that habit. You don't have to hire a trainer or a consultant to do that because there are already great apps that you can use as a habit-forming companion.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

In case you need inspiration, here’s how I have stolen the habits of successful people.

​What Are the Best Habit Tracking Apps in 2022?​


Born at Duke University, Fabulous uses behavioral science to help people make smart changes and build healthy habits.

Available for free on Android and iOS.

Fabulous claims to help you reset your habits and transform your life with evidence-based coaching in just 8 weeks.

Fabulous will help increase your energy levels, be more focused, lose weight and sleep better by building healthy habits and routines in your life.

👉 Exclusive for Life Designed readers, you can a free weekly trial of their science-backed premium program.


Available on the web, iOS, macOS, and Android for free.

Everyday is a simple and intuitive habit tracker available on multiple platforms. Featured on the App Store as the “App of the Day” and #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt. There’s a visual dashboard and chain-based tracking that makes it less likely for you to quit if you get more days in a row.


Habitify is the award-winning minimal habit tracker.

Available for free on Android, iOS and Mac.

Habitify is both a habit tracker and an accountable buddy that helps you form good habits while saving the most of your time. Habitify's clean interface and beautiful reports will keep you going.


Available for free on the web, iOS and Android.

ClickUp is not just a leading project management platform, it's also a great habit and goal tracking app. It's an app that not only aligns your own personal goals, it also helps align the goals and habits of your entire department and company. Now, you can sync your professional and personal goals all in one place and have greater accountability.

For example, you can use Pulse to view how much and where your time is being spent and the Goals feature to keep track of your progress.


Available for free on the web.

Cheqmark is a free checklist maker tool to create checklists, habit trackers, to-do lists, and much more. With customizable templates and ready-to-use printable checklists, they help people stay organized and focused on what's most important to reach goals and improve mental well-being.


Available on Mac and Windows for 14 days free, then from $8/month.

Y-Productive is a personal productivity tracker designed to track your work activities. You can automatically track the time spent on work and receive feedback on your productivity and distractions. It has all the information about your workday related within one screen. Y-Productive's focus mode blocks all distracting websites with built-in automatic website blocker on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Use promo code “TOMASLAU” to get a 10% discount for the lifetime plan.


Available for free on iOS.WithPeers is a dedicated space for you and your close friends to form a group, track goals and habits together, see each other's progress, and hence hold each other accountable. By having your friends along for the habit-building journey, you can motivate them and be motivated by them, and with it habits become more fun and easier to build.


Available for free on the web.

Stryv is a habit tracker with the idea built in that you need accountability from your peers if you are going to change a habit or start a new goal.

You invite a small group to join you seeing each other's progress and cheer each other on through comments and high fives. At the end of each week, your goals are totaled up and you can earn goal streaks, personal streaks, and even a group level streak if everyone accomplished their goals.

It's free to track two goals but you can pay $19.99 one time to create more goals, join multiple groups, and remove ads from the app.

Mindful Goals

Available for free on iOS and Android.

Mindful Goals is a distraction-free mindset, habit, and goal tracker app for iOS and Android. It is meticulously designed to allow users to track new year resolutions, receive daily positive reinforcements, form new habits, and achieve their goals.


Available for $1.99 on iOS.

The standout feature is the interface. Unlike other habit trackers, Apoklisi utilizes an eclipse to show you a snapshot of how you're doing. Complete your goals, and the eclipse remains full. If you start missing your goals, the moon will diverge and move towards the missed goal(s). One of the positive side effects of this approach is that you are not punished for missing the occasional goal or breaking a streak. If you're exceeding your goals and have to take a skip day, the algorithm is smart enough to take that into account and your eclipse may not be affected as a result. Even if you do miss a few days, continue completing your goals and the eclipse will eventually become full again.


Available for free on iOS and Android.

If you want to get a monetary reward for every successful habit you have formed, Beeminder is the app for you. However, you have to pay if you get off track your goals. Those goals can be anything - spending mess time on Facebook, do your exercise every morning, or save some money. All you have to do is connect the apps you're using for those activities and Beeminder will remind you automatically. While the basic account is free, it also has three types of premium plans with different extra features.

Tracker – Mood & Energy Diary

Available for $1.99 on iOS.

Now you can track your mood and energy levels throughout the day with Tracker for iOS. It's a great tool for self-reporting, self-assessment, therapy, and experimentation. Originally built to subjectively log energy levels during an experiment, Tracker sends you an actionable push every few hours, silently.

42 Goals

Available for free on the web.

A simple online tool which helps you track your goals by giving you reports of your daily progress and a visual representation of your achievements. The basic account is free while the premium account is $5 which allows you to have group goals as well as export them to a CV file and an email support.


Available for free on the web and $1.99 on iOS.

As the name suggests, Chains.cc uses the "don't break the chain" method to motivate you to break or make good habits and goals and break the bad ones. You can install it as a Chrome extension to your laptop or download the mobile app version on your iPhone and is completely free to use.


Momentum is an iOS habit-forming app which also uses the chain method.

Available for free on iOS and Mac.

Momentum is an iOS habit forming app which also uses the chain method. All you have to do is set how many days a week you want to do a certain habit. Its Today view feature allows you to track your progress without opening the app. It also works seamlessly with all iOS devices. The basic version is free but the premium version is $1.99/month or $14.99/year with extra functionality.

Goal Catcher

Available for free on the web.

Goal Catcher is a coaching program designed to help individuals set, track, and reach their goals.

Goal Catcher is an online coaching program launched by people analytics and coaching platform Fingerprint for Success to help individuals become goal-oriented. It's powered by Coach Marlee, the world’s first artificially intelligent coach. This personalized program helps you set goals, track and monitor your progress, and motivates you to celebrate all your wins.


Available for free on iOS and Android.

Habitica gamifies how you reach your goals and create your habits making it more fun and easier to accomplish your goals. You become the main character of the game where you track the progress of your goal. Habitica is basically a free app but if you want to add features, like an unlimited number of people or added security features, you can contact them for the pricing.


Available for free on iOS.

Productive is a simple app that lets you create new routines and habits that are easy to follow because you can build a flexible schedule in the morning, afternoon, or evening. The app keeps you motivated by giving you visual representations of your win called streaks as well as send you weekly stats of your progress. The premium version of the app costs $3.99.


Available for free on iOS.

This is a simple app that acts as your personal timer and lets you track your weekly goals. In Sessions, goals are called pledges which you input and indicate how many minutes you intend to do that every day. Then, it reminds you and lets you do it timing you until you finished it. The app is free to download but if you want to access unlimited pledges, the app only costs $0.99.


Available for $3.99 on iOS and Android.

Streaks also work like a chain where it gets longer as you get successful but once you fail, your streaks will go back to zero. Simply choose six things you want to turn into a habit and set how many times you want to do them within the week. Streaks are compatible with your the Apple Watch allowing you to quickly see how you're doing. The basic account is free but the premium version costs $3.99.


Available for free on iOS and Android.

HabitBull lets you build and break habits by letting you see the patterns of those habits to keep you accountable. You can track multiple habits, each with its own calendar and can be integrated with Google Fit. And if you feel like giving up, HabitBull provides inspirational quotes for each category to keep you pumped up. The app is free to download but there are some in-app purchases if you want to add more features to it.


Available for free on the web.

Lifetick is a web-based productivity app which can be used by groups or individuals. Some of its key features include status widgets, charts, and journals to notify you and help you keep track of your progress. Initial sign-up is free and there are different pricing plans for individual and group use. Basic individual use is free while the premium version costs $39/year. Group plans range between $14 to $199/year.

Habit List

Available for $3.99 on iOS.

One of the best features of this habit tracker is it allows you to see the big picture by providing weekly and monthly completion percentages of your goals. The bar indicators are color coded giving you a visual representation of your status. The premium version costs $3.99 while the basic version is free.


Available for free on iOS and Android.

Two things that make Stickk awesome: it's free and it's created by behavioral economists from Yale University. It works on the principle that when people become more committed when there's money involved. Therefore Stickk lets you bet on yourself after you put your goal into writing. To make sure that you will really commit to them, it allows you to involve your friends or family as a "referee" or accountability partner reminding you that you have something to accomplish or do.


Available for free on the web and iOS.

Strides has four types of flexible trackers to choose from Target, Habit, Average, and Milestones. Target lets you reach a goal on a certain date. Habit lets you break or build habits with flexible trackers and a goal streak to keep you motivated. Average lets you track your average value. Milestones track and remind your pace to complete a certain project or goal. Strides Plus is $4.99 while the basic version is absolutely free.


Available for free on iOS and Android.

The Coach.me habit tracker is absolutely free to download. However, the app lives by its name and understands that in order to succeed, you need a mentor. Therefore, you can pay $15/week for a professional coach which you can contact through the app or by phone. There is also a leadership coaching where professionals guide you towards career success and help you solve workplace-related problems for $249/month.

Good Habits

Available for free on iOS.

Good Habits lets you create small and achievable goals so you can easily complete them. If you failed or unable to complete it, the app enables you to write down your reasons and save them for future references. Good Habits is free but has in-app purchases worth $1.99 if you want to add more features.


Available for free on iOS.

GoalsOnTrack lives up to its name by sending you real-time updates of your progress. It has an offline time tracker which tells you how long you spend on each task/goal no matter where you are. It also has a journal so you can share and write all your thoughts and insights for each task.


Available for free on iOS and Android.

Headspace calls itself the "gym membership for the mind" because it helps you train your brain using proven meditation and mindfulness techniques. Its Take 10 program shows you the basics of meditation for 10 days in just a few minutes each day. Subscription is free and it gives you access to more exercises and lessons about mindfulness.

Simple Habit

Available for free on iOS and Android.

Simple Habit is designed by a Harvard psychologist and comes highly recommended by Business Insider and Apple. The app has 5-minute daily meditation guides by meditation experts from all over the world. These meditations help you build successful habits. Its Mindful Minutes lets you track your progress.


Available for free on iOS and Android.

HabitShare lets you share your progress with your friends; however, you have the choice to make them private or public. The principle behind HabitShare is you become more motivated when you share your goals and victories to your friends.

Morning Routine: Daily Habit Tracker

Available for $1.99 on iOS.

Morning Routine lets you create unlimited routines and set up reminders until the habit you want to build becomes a natural part of your system. Once you create a routine, you can set what time you want it to do and you can re-use it the following days.


Available for $1.99 on iOS.

Persistence allows you to group your goals into categories so you can easily track them. You can also get the help of your friends or family to become an accountability partner. Most of all, these goals are not set in stone because you can change them anytime you want.

Do 3 Things

Available for free on iOS.

Do 3 Things is a productivity app that helps you finish all your to-do list for the day. Get satisfaction as you cross each task off the list until your slate is clean again.

Google Calendar

Available for free on iOS and Android.

Google Calendar helps you become more productive through Goals, a feature which lets you create new habits, keep track of your schedule, and make sure you follow them through. Simply input each goal by answering a few questions, such as "How often?," "How Long?" and "When is the best time?"

Fast Habit

Available for free on iOS.

This is an app to help you get into the habit of intermittent fasting. Choose how many hours you want to fast and in case you couldn't stand the hunger, you can reset or restart it.


Available for free on iOS.

Zero is another fasting tracker which works with different types of fast, such as intermittent, 5:2, and circadian rhythm fasting. Just choose what type of fasting you're doing and Zero will help you keep track of your progress.


Available for free on iOS.

Done helps you set daily, weekly, and monthly goals in order to build good habits and break bad ones. Track them and keep motivated through streaks and chains. The free version only allows you to create three habits or goals while the premium version gives you access to unlimited goals. The premium version costs $3.99.


Today is a health and fitness tracker which allows you to create a personalized dashboard for each habit.

Available for free on iOS.

Today is a health and fitness tracker which allows you to create a personalized dashboard for each habit. Some of its features include milestones, journals, to-do lists, and photo galleries. The basic version is free while the premium version costs $4.99 which gives you access to unlimited widgets for each category.

In Closing

A lot of these habit trackers on this list have free versions on either iOS or Android devices giving you no excuse to replace the bad habits with good ones.

Try out some habit trackers and choose one that works best for you and start building better habits.

I’m a curious lifestyle blogger, content marketing consultant & entrepreneur from Lithuania. Co-founder of Best Writing. Love great books, building stuff online, designing systems, optimizing lifestyle, learning new skills, and traveling slowly. If you like my writing, check out my newsletter.

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