Growthlog by Tomas Laurinavicius
· Updated: · Alicante, Spain · 4 Min read

My Favorite Personal Blogs

The web often feels like a race for performance.

Who gets more likes, pageviews, and ads. Who installs more trackers and popups. Who sells what.

However, the web is not dead.

At the far edges of global madness, you can still find some neat and thoughtful personal websites created by people who love their craft and want to share their life and work stories.

Here's a list of some of my favorite personal blogs I read from time to time:

  • Julian Shapiro: Investor, marketer and thoughtful writer.
  • Pat Walls: Entrepreneur, writer and founder of Starter Story.
  • Edgaras: Designer and coder, co-founder of Best Writing and my best friend.
  • Kevin Kelly: Writer, explorer, thinker and optimist. Co-founder of Wired.
  • Manu: Manu is developer and writer.
  • Derek Sivers: A musician, circus performer, entrepreneur, and TED speaker.
  • Paul Stamatiou: Designer and coder.
  • Julian Lehr: Thoughtful designer and thinker.
  • Nat Eliason: Reader, writer and curious modern philosopher.
  • Nathan Barry: Creator, author, speaker, designer, and the founder of ConvertKit.
  • Adam Durrant: SEO specialist and front-end developer.
  • Rauno Freiberg: Design engineer at Vercel, devoted to fine, detailed polish.
  • Sam Becker: Product designer at Vercel.

To be continued...