You Are Ready to Quit Your Job This Year

What if there's no "right time" to quit your job?
You Are Ready to Quit Your Job This Year

You are ready to quit your job this year.

You don’t need to be motivated by fear anymore.

Most of the people are scared of losing what they already have, secure position, steady income, stable schedule. They accept life as it is and tend to enjoy the comfort zone, having some beers after work, hanging out with friends, gaming.

Taking vacation a couple of times a year and saving some money for the big things like buying a house, traveling the world, starting a business.

You know that you hate your job, it is draining you every day, and you feel the misery of existence, you are not alive, and you don’t have any energy or hope to change it anytime soon. You see stories of people backpacking around the world, kids raising millions for their startups, bankers becoming book authors and life coaches and many more success stories.

Yes, some of these may be glorified by the media, but these are real people among us. I met them many times, and they are awesome. So are you. You need to start making changes in your life.

It is all in you; you need to decide and act.

9–5 Is a Myth

You have your productivity hours. Some of you operate at your best late in the evening, some of you like to rise early at 5 am. I am traveling around the world, and it is simply impossible to work 9–5, what is 9 am–5 pm in London is 4 pm-12 am in Thailand where I stay now. I experiment and adapt to get the stuff done.

Work with Someone Not for Someone

Work for yourself. You don’t work for a company; you work for yourself, you chose to invest your time and talent on helping the company to achieve their goals while developing your skill-set and learning as much as you can. You won’t stay with the company forever. You’ll, however, have to spend the rest of your life with yourself. Make smart investments.

Money Won’t Make You Happy

This is becoming a cliché and overused statement, but it is true. The things you buy may make you happy but not the money. So stop working for the money, work for what you believe in. There are more opportunities than you need. The world needs you, follow your heart and money will come.

You Want to Travel

Many people think that you need a lot of money to travel. You don’t. No need to wait for retirement when you “have” time and money. Traveling shapes who you are, it helps you discover your purpose in life, it’s a hugely empowering and freeing experience. Become a digital nomad to sustain your travels.

You Want to Change the World

Do you know why you are miserable at work? Because the only thing you truly care about is your salary, you don’t like the company’s vision, values and decisions you are forced to make. Quit your job and work on things that give you personal satisfaction, get you closer to your life purpose and represent your values and beliefs.

How to Quit Your Job the Smart Way?

Don’t do it just yet. Think of how much money you need to survive for at least six months, cut down stupid expenses, move out to a cheaper place or your parents if possible. Then make a plan how you will make money because you won’t be living out of savings forever.

Set clear goals, create a plan and start hustling. You’ll never be ready.

I’m a curious lifestyle blogger, content marketing consultant & entrepreneur from Lithuania. Co-founder of Best Writing. Love great books, building stuff online, designing systems, optimizing lifestyle, learning new skills, and traveling slowly. If you like my writing, check out my newsletter.

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