Growthlog by Tomas Laurinavicius
· Updated: · Alicante, Spain · 4 Min read

SaaS Boilerplates: Launch Your Software Business in a Week

You can easily launch a software business in a week by leveraging SaaS boilerplates.

I found a simple back-end script on CodeCanyon, built the landing and marketing pages using the Framer template, and launched Draftpen (now shut down) in less than a week.

Envato's CodeCanyon

I had some technical issues deploying the project, but with the help of ChatGPT, I could fix them quickly without losing motivation or momentum.

Launching a SaaS product is easier than ever. Just find pre-made SaaS boilerplates, scripts or templates close to your vision and ship it. Don’t overthink it.

AI SaaS Script on Codester

Here are some cool SaaS starter kits:

Check out some script marketplaces and search for SaaS scripts:

Using scripts lets you take care of the essential stuff like user profiles, authentication, payments, invoices, and some basic functionality. It saves you time to focus on developing something of value and marketing.

ChatGPT acting as my Python tutor

Technical knowledge is optional. However, it helps if you understand programming concepts. Clear communication skills are required. Being specific with your questions is the key to getting helpful assistance from ChatGPT.