Going All-In and How Creators Make a Living

Making stuff vs talking about making stuff.

I published an uplifting story of Georgi Todorov, a fellow nomad and my guest in the “How Creators Make a Living” series featuring creators building unconventional careers.

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Things are getting real with the Content Writing Jobs platform. We've officially incorporated a company and it's already profitable (not counting our hours spent working on it).

Going forward, I may not be that active on this blog as I want to take a shot and go all-in building this platform for fellow writers. Also, this piece by Pieter Levels resonated a lot and I feel most of my maker/entrepreneur friends are this way.

In this edition, and most likely all the future ones, you'll get a list of some of the most interesting reads and resources I find online. While I don't always read everything thoroughly (mostly scan through) and don't try every tool I share, I'm inspired to share these in case you find them useful.

I identify myself with the no-code tribe spirit and always get excited when finding a new tool. Recently, I wrote a piece comparing Zapier vs. Integromat. While I'm not very technical, working with these no-code/low-code tools encourages me to learn more code, not for the sake of it but to use it in my daily job with content marketing and SEO.

I started refreshing my programming knowledge with this interactive course made for absolute beginners. I believe that a basic understanding of programming and coding can help you in any career and I see a lot I can apply producing content (variables, conditional logic, naming conventions, and more).

Alright, here are some of the most interesting things I found recently.

Automation at Scale is a no-code newsletter for makers looking for the latest no-code automation news and trends.

Decoding Sales Development is a newsletter by Vladimir Oleksiienko, sharing cool tips, hacks, and tactics to become better at sales.

Rita is a tool that helps you understand and control your online data and privacy, safely and immediately. You'll be shocked by how exposed you are.

The Dao of DAOs is a dense and long but very detailed piece on what may become as big as crypto and NFTs.

Paul Jarvis shares top privacy offenders on Apple's App Store (i.e. the apps that share your data with third parties, ranked in order). No real surprises here.

If you're a startup founder, build digital products online, work in tech or generally love software discounts, check out Secret. With the recent business incorporation, we got thousands of dollars in credits for Airtable, Notion, Webflow, Memberstack, and Stripe.

I deleted most of my social media accounts in 2018, but Twitter seems to be getting better and better. Check out these six threads better than a college degree. I'm glad I can still use it without having a personal account and worrying about followers or maintaining a certain persona.

🐰 Rabbit hole warning! This collection of questions by Patrick Collison will  make you wonder.

Some other cool stuff you may like:

P.S. I used to doubt I could make a difference because I'm just 1 person.

Sent on April 8, 2021.
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