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Growthlog 13: Landing page guide and LinkedIn growth

Hello! This is Tom from 🌵 Growthlog.

Every Wednesday, I share growth marketing and automation experiments for SaaS founders.

In case you missed it, last week I shared my Growthlog growth strategy for 2024.

Growthlog growth strategy for 2024

People really liked it.

Bookmark it as it’s a living document, and I’ll keep updating it with my learnings.

Big news

Best Writing has joined Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub!

Some of my favorite perks:

  • $2,500 in OpenAI API credits
  • $25,000 in fee-free Stripe payment processing
  • 75% off a 4-month subscription to LinkedIn Premium Business
  • $1,000 in Azure credits

All for free. What a great way to support early founders.

Interested? You can apply here for free.

Landing page blueprint

I’m working on Rewardful’s new homepage and found this step-by-step guide by Harry Dry, the creator of Marketing Examples, really helpful.

How to write subtitles by Marketing Examples

It’s a dense guide to designing landing pages and writing copy that converts.

It’s all you need to get started, really. Just follow it and don’t overthink it.

Also, don’t forget to follow and thank Harry for his excellent work.

Simple way to start growing your audience on LinkedIn

Here's to anyone out there lurking around and waiting for something to happen on social media, more specifically LinkedIn.

How to grow your LinkedIn audience with consistent posting

Here's proof that being consistent works. It means just scheduling your updates in advance.

I've done the thinking, so you can start right away.

Here's how:

  1. Just pick your topic. Mine is "growth marketing."
  2. Niche down. Mine is "growth marketing experiments & automation."
  3. Dedicate it to one specific person. Mine is "growth marketing experiments & automation for SaaS founders."
  4. Write everything you know about the topic. Be specific.
  5. Schedule it. I use and love Typefully.

For now, I post twice a day at 11:30 and 16:30 (Madrid time).

Collaboration opportunity

If you're a marketer on X or LinkedIn, write a tech, or SaaS-related newsletter, I'd love to collaborate on audience-building activities (interviews, liking, commenting, cross-posting).

Respond if you're interested in joining forces.

I’m looking to work with 2-3 creators.

Tools and resources

P.S. Someone captured my spiritual animal. 🦁

Whenever you're ready, there are 5 ways I can help you:

  1. Hiring writers or marketers? Contact me and I’ll help you distribute your job post to Best Writing and Marketful, reaching 500,000+ writers, editors, bloggers, marketers, and content creators.
  2. Social media content distribution automation for SaaS. A done-for-you service to automate your content distribution on social media. The exact low-effort strategy used to grow the Content Writing Jobs LinkedIn account to 390,000+ followers on autopilot. Buy for $1,499.
  3. 1,000+ expired domains. Access the database of expired domains, referenced in Forbes, TechCrunch, WIRED, and The Verge articles.
  4. 500+ websites that pay writers. Buy a curated database of 500+ websites that pay writers from $50 up to $1,000 per post.
  5. Promote yourself to 21,000+ subscribers and 400,000+ social media followers. Best Writing, Marketful, and Growthlog receive 130,000 monthly visits combined. Let’s talk sponsorships.

Wishing you well,

Tomas Laurinavicius

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Sent from my desk in sunny Alicante, Spain. ☀️