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· Alicante, Spain · 4 Min read

Growthlog 2: The last 1%, coding road trip and pSEO

Hi! Tom here from 🌵 Growthlog.

Last weekend, I took a quick family trip to Barcelona.

Thanks to my lovely wife, I was able to code for 6 hours straight.

I wonder if there’s a comfortable car desk to make coding even better on future trips.


My friend Ocean Kiani is hosting Unfold, a 5-week online experience which uses improv, movement & body-based practices to help you connect with your inner playfulness, build confidence and discover the joy available in every moment.

🤖 pSEO Data Preparation using AI. A detailed video showing everything you need to know about preparing the data for your programmatic SEO project.

🥗 Digest. Mailbrew was one of my favorite little apps that seems discontinued. As a replacement, I’m trying Digest that lets you bundle up your favorite content.

💯 The Last 1%. Jared Ramsey shares a short yet inspiring piece arguing that it’s worth pushing to 100%.

“This last 1% isn't just what separates a great product from a good product, it's what separates a product that might not eventually fail from one that will eventually fail.”

🛍️ Free Gumroad Alternative. Check out Easyful to sell digital products with no delivery fees directly with your Stripe account.

✅ Web-Check. A powerful all-in-one tool for discovering information about a website such as IP, DNS, crawl rules, whois, cookies, headers and lots more. Completely free and open-source.

⚡️ Bulk Page Speed Test. Page speed checker that allows you to test hundreds of URLs automatically.

🦖 Today I Learned: Looking out in space is like looking back in time.

“The light we see today from galaxies in the Virgo Cluster started on its path toward us at the same time as the age of the dinosaurs was ending on Earth. If you were in a Virgo Cluster galaxy today, and you had a telescope powerful enough to study the Earth, you would be able to see the prehistoric reptiles.”

My Projects

✍️ Best Writing. Connecting writers with job opportunities.

  • For some reason our open and click rates dropped significantly and I can’t figure out why.
  • Other than that, we’re considering moving to Resend for transactional and marketing emails.
  • Working on adding more personalized popups to collect more emails using ConvertBox.

🪄 Draftpen. Writing assistance, editing, and content generation tools.

  • I’ll be pushing a new update for the site very soon.
  • Start promoting it on 100+ directories.

✈️ Port Surfer. Organizing world airport information. My programmatic SEO playground.

  • After tinkering with Node.js and Google Sheets, I believe the best approach for me going forward is to try to prepare the data in Google Sheets with formulas and custom functions rather than trying later to generate the content with programming logic.

I enjoy meeting creators and fellow founders.

Feel free to respond and introduce yourself or tell me more about your projects.

Now is the time to invest in yourself, to build, to ship, and to grow. 🎰🔨🚢🌱

P.S. That’s a nasty bug.

Until the next week,

Tomas (your new internet friend)

Sent from my desk in Plaza Santa Teresa, Alicante, Spain. ☀️