Is It Safe To Travel Again?

Although risky, travel can help improve wellbeing.

This pandemic is taking a tremendous toll on mental health.

I have to admit I was pretty depressed early this year before traveling to the Azores. The change of scenery, sun exposure, outdoor activities, and fewer restrictions made me happier.

Last week I returned to Lithuania after spending three months in the Azores. I'm motivated to get active again after the self-isolation period ends by playing basketball and hitting the gym once the quarantine restrictions are lifted.

Traveling is more stressful than not traveling due to necessary testing and ever-changing quarantine rules in different countries. Myself and my friends are burnt out and need to change the scenery, get some sun, try something new and just leave the home confinement.

While traveling is not advised it is legal (in most countries) and you can travel if you research your destination, plan everything thoroughly and prepare for some uncertainty.

Since the pandemic began, I only traveled to Poland and Portugal. It's way more stressful and expensive but if you're not in a risk group and take the safety measures seriously, you'll most likely be fine.

I hear people talking about immunity passports and while it will cause controversy and inequality, I'm hoping it's going to make traveling easier.

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Sent on April 28, 2021.
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