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Growthlog 4: Doing fewer things

Hey! It's Tom from 🌵 Growthlog.

After an enjoyable weekend at Benidorm's Aqualandia park, I found myself dealing with a minor cold this week.

Quite an odd contrast to the scorching 30ºC+ heat outside.

Let's dive into the geeky goodness I've got lined up for you.

🤩 Inspirations. Inspired by Salman Ansari's list, I'm sharing my evolving list of people, brands and stories that inspire me.

🧑‍💻 Developer Productivity. Jeremy Mikkola shares some interesting thoughts on developer productivity that applies to non-developer productivity as well.

“Doing fewer things. Being able to get a task done quickly is good, not having to do it at all is better.”

“A developer with more relevant knowledge will be more productive. They won’t have to dig through code because they’ll already know how it works. They’ll know how to use the tools and what pitfalls to avoid. They’ll ask the right questions. 10x developers exist, and they’re the people who really know the codebase.”

“Finishing tasks. Building 50% of a thing isn't 50% as productive, it's 0% as productive. There's few things less productive than work that is thrown away.”

🤡 Eddiots. Sarcastic and fun comics for IT people and anyone working in tech.

“I'm a comic engineer. I love coding but hate going to work.”

🎉 React DOM Confetti. A react component to trigger confetti explosions on state changes.

📸 Shottr. Screenshot tool for designers, front-end engineers, mobile developers and those who care about pixels.

🖼️ Framer University. Learn everything about Framer with practical tutorials and the best resources.

🔬 Today I Learned. The math may not exist.

“In the philosophy of mathematics intuitionism is an approach where mathematics is considered to be purely the result of the constructive mental activity of humans rather than the discovery of fundamental principles claimed to exist in an objective reality. That is, logic and mathematics are not considered analytic activities wherein deep properties of objective reality are revealed and applied, but are instead considered the application of internally consistent methods used to realize more complex mental constructs, regardless of their possible independent existence in an objective reality.”

My Projects

✍️ Best Writing. Connecting writers with job opportunities.

  • I'm almost done with the new advertising landing page.
  • Booked a sponsor for September.
  • Thinking of radically simplifying things and shipping a massive spreadsheet with writing jobs instead of waiting to polish everything to work perfectly. Writers need jobs! I might even try ML (machine learning) for sheets.

🪄 Draftpen. Writing assistance, editing, and content generation tools.

  • Discontinuing immediatelly.

✈️ Port Surfer. Organizing world airport information. My programmatic SEO playground.

  • Generated a sitemap, waiting for Google to start indexing.
  • Need to create redirects to old dead pages.

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